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Specializing in sports, education and productivity apps for iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, Kindle Fire, Android Devices and Windows 8.

PVI Maine is located in the waterfront community of Wiscasset, Maine . . . The Prettiest Village in Maine!


PVI Maine was founded in the summer of 2010 by Ethan Whitaker, a software development with 30 years of experience.  From 1990 through 2010, he specialized in Property Insurance Software, launching four software companies, three of which he sold to major corporations.

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Ethan is an expert in a variety of technologies, including Microsoft .NET, Apple iOS, Android and database technologies.

He graduated from Bates College in 1980 and resides in Wiscasset.

Ethan ran cross country and track in College and still runs most days. He has completed 5 marathons and over 20 half marathons.  His background in Track and Field led him to develop the Running Coach’s Clipboard . . . a product that has become the defacto standard for coaches around the world. 

Other popular apps developed at PVI Maine include: PVI App Builder, PVI - Flowchart, PVI Photo Finish, Swimming Coach’s Clipboard, XC Scoring, Basketball Shot Mapper, Basketball Playmaker, Washington DC’s Top Colleges, Boston’s Top Colleges, Ivy League Navigator, NESCAC Navigator, Centennial League Navigator, Neuro Primer, Where Are My Students, Gettysburg Concordance, Lexington and Concord, Salem Witch TrailsLighthouse Navigator, Portland Maine Navigator, Maine Lobster Shacks, Maine Antique Shops, Classroom Seating and AttendanceBig Year Birding, Acadia App, Concussion Assessment, Wildflower Journal and Teacher’s Tally Tracker

Ethan is available for contract work . . . building custom applications for companies and individuals.

Download Ethan’s Resume:

PVI Maine Software  -  Wiscasset, Maine   -  1-207-671-2006  -  ewhitaker@PVIMaine.com